Step into Prohibition.....

​​*Your monthly price is determined by how often you would like to have the pleasure of coming to Scott "The Sheriff" Parkers Private Speakeasy.  Parkers Private Speakeasy  benefits "The Sheriffs" 501c3 non-profit charity Parker's Platoon. On behalf of our Veterans we thank you!

​Daily Memberships available :$10/day

Social Club & Barbershop

          THE STANLEY CUP : haircut/express shave  every

2 WEEKS     3 WEEKS       4 WEEKS

​$165/mo     $127/mo      $82/mo

including the above noted **services and daily entrance to the clubhouse.

A membership is not required to visit L27 Social Club & Speakeasy, but we think it helps enhance the experience!

Just as a NHL hockey Player gets better with each round in their careers, we've named our Private Membership service to reflect their increasing ability - the Stanley Cup. Remember, all of our **services come with a complimentary drink! We'll have premium liquors, handcrafted cocktails, beers on tap and coffee waiting. (Cigars will be offered for an additional small fee) Additionally you will have VIP Access to Member-Only events.

​Members are required to follow some old-school house rules, which includes a rule against using cellphones at the clubhouse and making unwelcome advances towards women.